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Barrier Function: TREM2 Helps Microglia to Compact Amyloid Plaques

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-05-28 Research News New research bolsters the case that brain-derived microglia need TREM2 to essentially wall off amyloid plaques, but exactly how they do that remains up for debate. As reported in the May 18 Neuron, scientists led by Jaime Grutzendler at Yale ...

Like a Tiny Spider-Man, Aβ May Fight Infection by Cocooning Microbes

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-05-27 Research News For all that researchers know about Aβ, the peptide so strongly linked to Alzheimer’s disease, they have scant knowledge of its normal function in or out of the cell. A new paper strengthens the idea that Aβ helps fights infection as part of ...

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