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Novel Exome Screen Points to Tubulin as ALS Gene

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-10-25 Research News A new kind of genetic analysis has identified a gene that likely contributes to risk for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. As reported in the October 22 Neuron, geneticists scanning the exomes of ALS cases and controls found that people with ...

PAPER Smith BN, Ticozzi N, Fallini C, GKazi AS, Topp S, Kenna KP, Scotter EL, Kost J, Keagle P, Miller JW, Calini D, Vance C, Danielson EW, Troakes C, Tiloca C, Al-Sarraj S, Lewis EA, King A, Colombrita C, Pensato V, Castellotti B, de Belleroche J, Baas F, ten Asbroek AL, Sapp PC, McKenna-Yasek D, McLaughlin RL, Polak M, Asress S, Esteban-Pérez J, Muñoz-Blanco JL, Simpson M, SLAGEN Consortium, van Rheenan W, Diekstra FP, Lauria G, Duga S, Corti S, Cereda C, Corrado L, Sorarù G, Morrison KE, Williams KL, Nicholson GA, Blair IP, Dion PA, Leblond CS, Rouleau GA, Hardiman O, Veldink JH, van den Berg LH, Al-Chalabi A, Pall H, Shaw PJ, Turner MR, Talbot K, Taroni F, Garcia-Redondo A, Wu Z, Glass JD, Gellera C, Ratti A, Brown RH Jr., Silani V, Shaw CE, Landers JE

Exome-wide rare variant analysis identifies TUBA4A mutations associated with familial ALS

Neuron. 2014 Oct 22;84:324-31 PubMed:

Emrah Düzel

University of Magdeburg, German center for neurodeg. diseases (DZNE), ICN/UCL

Of Mice and Magnets—Can We Learn about Alzheimer's from Mini MRIs?

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-10-24 Research News Neural circuits go on the fritz in Alzheimer’s disease, but how that relates to underlying disease mechanisms is unclear. Researchers have identified dysfunctional circuits in the AD brain using magnetic resonance imaging, but they cannot ...

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