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Eunhee Kim

Massachusetts General Hospital (MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease)
Cambridge, United States

Bloodborne Tau: Foggy Window into the Brain for TBI, Dementia

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-09-21 Research News In this month’s JAMA Neurology, two papers examine whether tau circulating in plasma could offer a blood-based biomarker for brain disorders. One, by Kevin Wang, University of Florida, Gainesville, and others, measures total and ...

Holger Wille on Amyloid-β Fibril Structure Bares All

COMMENT Another example of what the "resolution revolution" in cryo EM is giving us. In combination with rapidly developing image-processing algorithms, the new direct electron detectors allow us to finally get high-resolution views of nearly all ...

ApoE4 Makes All Things Tau Worse, From Beginning to End

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-09-20 Research News Today in the journal Nature, a large research collaboration led by David Holtzman of Washington University, St. Louis, formally published results previously presented at this year’s AD/PD conference (April 2017 conference news). The paper ...

PAPER Shi Ya, Yamada K, Liddelow SA, Smith ST, Zhao L, Luo W, Tsai RM, Spina S, Grinberg LT, Rojas JC, Gallardo G, Wang K, Roh J, Robinson G, Finn MB, Jiang H, Sullivan PM, Baufeld C, Wood MW, Sutphen C, McCue L, Xiong C, Del-Aguila JL, Morris JC, Cruchaga C, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Fagan AM, Miller BL, Boxer AL, Seeley WW, Butovsky O, Barres BA, Paul SM, Holtzman DM

ApoE4 markedly exacerbates tau-mediated neurodegeneration in a mouse model of tauopathy

Nature, 20 September 2017

Julie Forman-Kay

Hospital for Sick Children/ University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

Research Postdoctoral Scientist

JOB 2017-09-19 Employer Cedars Sinai Medical Center Principal Investigator Maya Koronyo-Hamaoui Contact Description Under the direct supervision of the principal investigator, the postdoctoral researcher will work independently on research ...

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