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Synonyms: PS1(WT), PSEN(wild-type)


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Species: Mouse
Genes: PSEN1
Modification: PSEN1: Transgenic
Disease Relevance: Alzheimer's Disease
Strain Name: N/A
Genetic Background: Mixed C57BL/6J, DBA/2J
Availability: No longer available

These mice express wild-type human PSEN1. Compared with mice expressing similar levels of human PSEN1 with the P117L mutation (i.e. PSEN1(P117L), expression of wild-type PSEN1 was associated with increased survival and differentiation of neural progenitor cells in the hippocampus, leading to the generation of more immature granule cells (Wen et al., 2002).



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Research Models Citations

  1. PSEN1(P117L) (line 13)

Paper Citations

  1. . Overexpression of wild type but not an FAD mutant presenilin-1 promotes neurogenesis in the hippocampus of adult mice. Neurobiol Dis. 2002 Jun;10(1):8-19. PubMed.

Further Reading


  1. . The presenilin-1 familial Alzheimer disease mutant P117L impairs neurogenesis in the hippocampus of adult mice. Exp Neurol. 2004 Aug;188(2):224-37. PubMed.