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22 Mar 2017 We just added 18 PD models to the database and improved the navigation to make it easier to explore by disease. You can also find a model by name or use the search box to customize your results.

This database provides information about selected rodent models of neurodegenerative disease, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. By summarizing, visualizing, and continuously updating available characterization data, we aim to help researchers learn, compare, and identify models that may accelerate their research. To suggest a model for inclusion, updates, or corrections, please contact us at


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Alzheimer's Disease

127 Models

Parkinson's Disease

18 Models


34 Models

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  1. Bettina Platt on PLB4 (hBACE1)
  2. Michael Sasner on Tau P301S (Line PS19)
  3. Thomas Bayer on Tg4-42
  4. Thomas Bayer on TBA42