. Imaging brain amyloid in Alzheimer's disease with Pittsburgh Compound-B. Ann Neurol. 2004 Mar;55(3):306-19. PubMed.


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  1. I thank the authors for not going overboard with this paper. Their conclusion (from the abstract) is reasonable: "The results suggest that PET imaging with the novel tracer, PIB, can provide quantitative information on amyloid deposits in living subjects."

    Fair enough.

    Then, to the caveats. It is no secret that the human brain may be burdened with a huge plaque load, seen by autopsy, in the absence of cognitive deficits prior to death. PIB-PET may just as well come to prove the irrelevance of amyloid burden.

    In Finland, to my knowledge, there are two PET scanners, both located in Turku. Even if we sent 100,000 people with memory impairment to Turku, the two scanners would not be enough to scan them all, let alone the baby boomers who will soon start to reach the age where they start to develop dementia.