Professor in Vascular Dementia


Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research


Tübingen, Germany


Interested colleagues should send an application with their resume and a short description of their research by July 10, 2014, to Thomas Gasser, Chairman of the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research:


The Hertie Institute is one of the largest centers for clinical and disease-oriented brain research in Germany. Since its founding 13 years ago, the Institute has grown to more than 350 neuroscientists in 28 research groups.

The Institute intends to strengthen its research into the functional and structural alterations of the vasculature that have major impacts on brain function by establishing an endowed professorship in vascular dementia, at either the junior or senior level. The successful candidate is expected to develop a research program on basic aspects of vascular dementias that may include metabolic, immunologic, neurodevelopmental, molecular imaging, and cell biologic aspects, as well as other areas of study. The center will provide access to patients and patient materials, and foster the translation of scientific findings into novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.


To establish an overview of the current landscape of research in the area of vascular dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases and vascular dementias, as well as to identify gaps in current knowledge and unmet needs in patient care, the Institute will host a search symposium, “Vascular dysfunction in neurodegeneration and dementia,” for potential candidates for the endowed professorship. The symposium will be held at the Hertie Institute in Tübingen on September 11-12, 2014.