Postdoctoral Fellow


University of Maryland School of Medicine


Baltimore, Maryland

Principal Investigator

Ilia Baskakov



The lab is looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated junior postdoctoral fellow with strong interests in chronic inflammation associated with neurodegenerative diseases. The project will focus on elucidating the role of chronic inflammation, neurovascular units and glymphatic system in prion diseases. 


Experience in animal pathology, primary cell cultures, immunohistochemistry, histopathology, molecular imaging, glycobiology, and analysis of gene expression are highly desirable. Knowledge and expertise in functional states of microglia/astrocytes, neurovascular units and/or glymphatic system are also desirable.

Successful candidates must have a recent Ph.D. in neuroscience, cellular or molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, or related disciplines. The doctoral degree should be within one year from the application.

Proficiency in English (oral and written) is mandatory.