Ph.D. position


Institut Pasteur de Lille - INSERM U744


Lille, France

Principal Investigator

Jean-Charles Lambert



INSERM U744 is currently looking for a highly motivated Ph.D. student to develop a project with the main objective to decipher the implication of BIN1 in Alzheimer's disease.

Recent GWAS (Genome wide association studies) have now identified new loci associated with AD risk. Among these loci are BIN1, a gene coding for bridging integrator 1, levels of expression of which are reduced in AD cases (Lambert et al. Nat Genet, 2013). Moreover, INSERM has demonstrated that BIN1 was linked to tau neurotoxicity using a drosophila model and that BIN1 and tau directly interact together using biochemistry approaches (Chapuis et al., Mol Psychiatry, 2013).

Within this background, The Ph.D. student will participate on a project based on the study of this BIN1-tau interaction in the AD context. This project will be conducted using a multi-approach strategy which will necessitate molecular biology (cloning, qPCR, etc.), cell biology (neuronal primary cultures), transgenic mouse models and various analysis techniques in biochemistry (Western blots, immunoprecipitation assays, alphalisa, etc.). The Ph.D. grant is available through a partnership with Sanofi and will start in the next months.


The applicant must be a master graduate (preferentially in neurosciences, molecualr biology, or cellular biology). Speaking French is not necessary but a good level in English is required. Candidates should apply by sending an updated CV as well as two referees’ recommendation letters.