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NYU Nature Conference on Neurogenetics

New York, New York
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Recent technological developments in genetics now allow the large scale cataloguing of genetic variation, from common and rare single nucleotide changes to non-coding, regulatory mutations, and how these are related to health and disease. In neuroscience, new tools for monitoring and manipulating neuronal activity, circumscribed circuits, and specific cell types allow interrogating the mechanisms of perception, cognition and action. Despite advances on both fronts, there remains a significant gap between genetics and neuroscience, limiting the potential for this exciting and important area of research to provide new neurobiological insights. The goal of this conference is to bridge the gap between neuroscientists and geneticists and provide a forum for discussing recent advances and innovative strategies for future research in neurogenetics. The conference will cover the breadth of neurogenetics—from genome-wide association studies for complex psychiatric disorders to mechanistic investigations of genes underlying behavioral traits in model organisms.