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International CAA Conference 2014

UCL Institute of Neurology, London, England
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The conference will bring together the leading international experts in ß-amyloid metabolism, vascular biology, neuropathology, circulating biomarkers, stroke genetics, brain imaging, and the clinical manifestations of cerebrovascular disease to present and discuss cutting-edge data in the field. The conference will aim to authoritatively summarize the state of the art in these key aspects of CAA research and to move the field toward identification of disease-modifying therapies.

Key themes are expected to include: biomarkers for early detection and monitoring disease activity or progression; mechanisms of vascular amyloid accumulation; progress in discovery and testing of candidate disease-modifying biological treatments for CAA; and how CAA interacts with and contributes to Alzheimer’s disease.

An overarching goal is the development of international networks to investigate CAA in large-scale studies. Discussions are anticipated to be interactive, informal, and lively, with extensive opportunities for forming new collaborations and relationships within the growing CAA scientific and clinical communities.