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Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Conference

Berlin, Germany
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The meeting will provide a forum for scientists across multiple disciplines, from both industry and academia, to connect and share complementary perspectives. We will discuss emerging target classes, advances in antibody drug conjugates and other methods for targeted drug delivery, new approaches in flow chemistry, and much more. In addition to scientific presentations, we will have dedicated times for networking among delegates.

Sessions for the meeting include:

      I. Rising Targets: Protein-Protein 


      II. Rising Targets: Epigenetics

      III. Rising Targets in the Ubiquitin System

      IV. Phenotypic Screening in Drug Discovery

      V. New Drug Delivery Systems

      VI. Modern Technologies in Medicinal 


      VII. Novel Computational Methods

This conference is part of our Europe Drug Discovery Summit, which will also feature the following meetings over the course four days:

      Neurodegenerative Disorders & Drug Discovery (May 6-7, 2014)

      Cancer Drugs Research & Development (May 6-7, 2014)

      Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery (May 8-9, 2014)

We encourage you to sign up for a summit pass to have access to all four conferences.

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