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Clonality: monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Source: α-Synuclein nSyn823
(Virginia Lee, University of Pennsylvania, CNDR, Philadelphia, PA)
used in paper by Giasson, 2002
reference:<br />Giasson BI. Duda JE. Murray IV. ... Lee V.M.-Y. Science., 290:985-989, 2000


immunogen = nitrated α-synuclein


nitration specific α-synuclein

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Paper Citations

  1. . Neuronal alpha-synucleinopathy with severe movement disorder in mice expressing A53T human alpha-synuclein. Neuron. 2002 May 16;34(4):521-33. PubMed.

External Citations

  1. Virginia Lee
  2. CNDR

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