Aβ 1-42 (266)


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Clonality: monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Methods: ELISA
Source: amyloidβ 266
(P Seubert,
Elan Pharmaceuticals, South San Francisco, CA, Paper)
Britschgi, 2009
Schroeter, 2008
Shankar, 2008
Roberson, 2007
DeMatos, 2001
Reacts in: Human, Mouse
reference:<br />Seubert P, Vigo-Pelfrey C, Esch F, Lee M, Dovey H, David D, Sinha S, Schlossmacher M, y J, Swindlehurst, C, Nature London 359, 325-327, l992


immunogen = synthetic peptide, central domain 13-28 of Amyloid-beta 1-42 (epitope at 16-23)



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