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The Alzheimer's Vaccination Story, Continued

Two papers advance the drive to develop an Alzheimer's vaccine, one looking at the antibody response in some of the Elan trial participants, the other using sophisticated methods to analyze the epitope recognized by antibodies generated in response to Aβ42 immunization.

α-synuclein—Less Is More?

In today's PNAS early edition, researchers report that transgenic mice devoid of the protein α-synuclein are resistant to MPTP, a neurotoxin that induces Parkinson-like symptoms....

PET Reduces Alzheimer Misdiagnosis

Can PET improve on the battery of tests that are already in use to diagnose Alzheimer's. A new study shows that imaging analysis decreases the number of false negatives by five percent and the number of false positives by more than 10 percent...

Memantine Back On Sidelines In United States

Less than two weeks after announcing that memantine had shown significant benefit in a clinical trial of patients with moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease, Forest Laboratories announced that they have withdrawn their New Drug Application with the FDA...

Light Tricks

A trio of papers introduces new optical tricks for manipulating gene expression and activating fluorescent reporters...

Aβ Mutations—What Do They Tell Us?

Convergent biochemical and genetic evidence indicate that the main component of Alzheimer's plaques, the amyloid β peptide (Aβ), plays an initiating role in a complex cascade that culminates in dementia and ultimately death (1,2).

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