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Notch Found Essential for Learning and Memory

In the July 8 issue of Current Biology, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Kyoto University, Japan, reveal that mice carrying a mutated version of the Notch gene suffer from spatial learning and memory defects...

Institute for the Study of Aging Symposium

PET Diagnosis Poised for Prime Time? FDA Wants Consensus, Better Trials ApoE Catalyst Conference Explores Drug Development Opportunities Institute for the Study of Aging Symposium ...

Human Tau Is No Help to Worms

Human tau—whether normal or a disease-causing mutant—does not make for a healthy <em>C. elegans</em>. In the Early Edition of PNAS, Gerry Schellenberg and colleagues report that both types of transgenic tau lead to behavioral, synaptic, and pathologic abnormalities in the worms...

What Exactly Does the DJ Do?

Tao et al. and Honbou et al. recently reported the crystal structure of DJ-1 at resolutions of 1.8 and 1.95 Ångstroms, respectively (see <a href="/news/research-news/spotlight-dj-crystal-structure-solved-parkinsons-protein">ARF related news story</a>), but the latest report by Greg Petsko and colleagues in the July 10 PNAS Early Edition online, tops that by almost another Ångstrom.

Blueberries for All?

Just grind some dehydrated blueberries into your people-chow and counteract the effects of aging and Alzheimer's disease on memory. That's one hypothesis we can take away from a recent study by Jim Joseph and colleagues...

LTP and Memory Effects May Be the First Casualties in AD

In Alzheimer's disease (AD), the first significant damage to neurons may be the loss of proteins involved in long-term potentiation (LTP) and memory. So conclude Dave Morgan and colleagues from the University of South Florida, Tampa, and Incyte Genomics, Palo Alto, California, in the June 15 Journal of Neuroscience...

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