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Molecules for Remote Memories

Permanent memories are thought to be stored in the cortex, but little is known about the processes that incorporate memories into cortical . Now Alcino J. Silva and colleagues, have discovered a molecular manipulation that affects memory...

Ultimate Stem Cell in Adult Bone Marrow?

Stem cells from the bone marrow of adults may be as flexible as embryonic stem cells, according a study in the current issue of Cell. Researchers at Yale, New York University, and Johns Hopkins found that these cells...

Unraveling Metabolic Pathways

In a prime example of what science can accomplish in the "post-genomic" era, researchers have pieced together the functions of a variety of genes involved in a yeast metabolism pathway...

fMRI Data Repository Now Open

A team at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, has developed a brain-image repository that will make it possible for scientists to freely share fMRI data with colleagues worldwide...

Neurogenesis and Memory

It is now generally accepted that new neurons are generated in the adult mammalian brain, but until now it has been unclear whether or not these neurons are essential for memory formation...

Mitochondrial Exports

A British and German team has made the surprising discovery that the cell's mitochondria can export peptides into their surrounding environments. Much is known about how mitochondria import proteins, but the role of this unexpected export mechanism...

"Mad Yeast"?

This week Peter Chien and Jonathan Weissman of the University of California, San Francisco, explain how they used two species of yeast (and an artificial yeast prion protein to investigate how prions jump the species barrier...

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