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Transdifferentiation—Alive Again?

May 1 2004. Cells of the blood lineage, introduced into patients receiving bone marrow transplants, are reported to have given rise to brain cells. The finding reawakens hope that stem cells from diverse organs may one day be used to repair damage in other types of tissue...

NO Parkin—A Simple Modification Arrests Ligase

The clamp, the boot, whatever you call it, if you find one on your car you’ll appreciate how a seemingly small attachment can keep its wheels from turning. In today’s Sciencexpress, researchers report that covalently clamping parkin with nitric oxide...

"Meet You on the Raft!"—Aβ Rallying Cry?

Do solitary Aβ peptides begin their journey toward insoluble plaques by meeting up with partners on lipid rafts in the plasma membrane? Researchers report evidence that, in an APP-transgenic mouse model, Aβ dimerizes in the rafts and, what's more...

ALS—Bridging the Way to Therapy

Designed to speed transport and communication, bridges may also be useful for slowing disease. Researchers suggest as much in their review of one promising strategy for slowing the progression of ALS...

Polyglutamine—Gristle for the Proteasome Mill?

Anyone who has minced beef knows that the grinder occasionally gets clogged by a particularly tough bit of meat or gristle. Polyglutamine (polyQ) stretches, it turns out, may have a similar effect on our intracellular protein grinder, the proteasome...

How Much Aβ is Enough?

When it comes to the biological activity of Aβ, a question often pondered is: How much is enough? In the March 31 Journal of Neuroscience, Barry Festoff and colleagues suggest that the answer may be...

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