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Measuring Protein Folding One Molecule at a Time

Scientists have long puzzled over the following conundrum: If the activity of a protein solution drops by half, have half the molecules completely lost activity, or have all the proteins lost half their activity? The answer, most likely, is that...

Oligomers in AD: Too Much of a Bad Thing?

Neuritic plaques are classic, obvious markers of Alzheimer’s disease, but it is a puzzle why their density is a poor predictor of disease symptoms. Recently, scientists have come to suspect that soluble oligomeric, not fibrillary, β, may be the culprit in synaptic degeneration in AD...

Stave off Your Tangles...with Pin1?

The prolyl isomerase Pin1 protects against tau-mediated, age-dependent neurodegeneration, according to a study in the July 31 Nature. Kun Ping Lu, at Harvard Medical School, and his colleagues combine human postmortem data in AD brains with a Pin1 knockout mouse...

NSAIDs and AD—Prevention Better Than Cure?

Despite evidence that NSAIDS do little to help those already suffering from Alzheimer's disease, a report in the British Medical Journal supports the contention that they may stave off Alzheimer’s, or at least slow its progression...

Talking Fish Fat And Cholesterol

Bored with the same old foods you tend to eat? Consider adding more fish and some specific plant products. Two recent studies suggest that not only would this liven up your diet, but it might also lower risk of developing...

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