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  1. Edward Koo on APP knockout attenuates microglial activation and enhances neuron survival in substantia nigra compacta after axotomy.
  2. Edward Koo on The SAMP8 mouse: a model of Alzheimer disease?
  3. Edward Koo on Levels of nonphosphorylated and phosphorylated tau in cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer's disease patients : an ultrasensitive bienzyme-substrate-recycle enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.
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  5. Edward Koo on Mapping the evolution of regional atrophy in Alzheimer's disease: unbiased analysis of fluid-registered serial MRI.
  6. Edward Koo on Mutant ubiquitin found in neurodegenerative disorders is a ubiquitin fusion degradation substrate that blocks proteasomal degradation.
  7. John Hardy on Identification of a novel family of presenilin homologues.
  8. Edward Koo on Postischemic hyperthermia induces Alzheimer-like pathology in the rat brain.
  9. Edward Koo on Alpha-synuclein-immunoreactive deposits in human and animal prion diseases.
  10. Edward Koo on Peeling plaque. Researchers remain optimistic about a vaccine against Alzheimer's.
  11. Edward Koo on FAD mutant PS-1 gene-targeted mice: increased A beta 42 and A beta deposition without APP overproduction.
  12. Benjamin Wolozin on Aggregation of alpha-synuclein induced by the Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase and hydrogen peroxide system.
  13. Benjamin Wolozin on Poly-L-lysine dissolves fibrillar aggregation of the Alzheimer beta-amyloid peptide in vitro.
  14. Benjamin Wolozin on Brain to plasma amyloid-beta efflux: a measure of brain amyloid burden in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
  15. Benjamin Wolozin on Naturally secreted oligomers of amyloid beta protein potently inhibit hippocampal long-term potentiation in vivo.