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  3. Method for widespread microRNA-155 inhibition prolongs survival in ALS-model mice.
  4. PPARγ/RXRα-induced and CD36-mediated microglial amyloid-β phagocytosis results in cognitive improvement in amyloid precursor protein/presenilin 1 mice.
  5. β-secretase cleavage of the fly amyloid precursor protein is required for glial survival.
  6. Enter the New Alzheimer’s Gene: TREM2 Variant Triples Risk
  7. Genomic analysis of reactive astrogliosis.
  8. Cdk5/p25-induced cytosolic PLA2-mediated lysophosphatidylcholine production regulates neuroinflammation and triggers neurodegeneration.
  9. Microglia and memory: modulation by early-life infection.
  10. CX3CR1 protein signaling modulates microglial activation and protects against plaque-independent cognitive deficits in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease.
  11. Herpes simplex virus dances with amyloid precursor protein while exiting the cell.
  12. Caspase signalling controls microglia activation and neurotoxicity.
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  14. CD45 deficiency drives amyloid-β peptide oligomers and neuronal loss in Alzheimer's disease mice.
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