All Comments by Bart De Strooper

  1. Testing the right target and right drug at the right stage.
  2. Activation and intrinsic gamma-secretase activity of presenilin 1.
  3. Research Brief: Did γ-Secretase Mutation Get Under Karl Marx’s Skin?
  4. Gamma-secretase activating protein is a therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease.
  5. Lilly Halts IDENTITY Trials as Patients Worsen on Secretase Inhibitor
  6. ADAM10 is the physiologically relevant, constitutive alpha-secretase of the amyloid precursor protein in primary neurons.
  7. Three-amino acid spacing of presenilin endoproteolysis suggests a general stepwise cleavage of gamma-secretase-mediated intramembrane proteolysis.
  8. Characterizing the appearance and growth of amyloid plaques in APP/PS1 mice.
  9. Perpetrator and Savior—Presenilins Cut Both Ways
  10. Widespread changes in protein synthesis induced by microRNAs.
  11. Keystone: γ Slowly Relinquishes Its Secrets
  12. The presenilin hypothesis of Alzheimer's disease: evidence for a loss-of-function pathogenic mechanism.
  13. Structure of the catalytic pore of gamma-secretase probed by the accessibility of substituted cysteines.
  14. Gain or Loss of Function—Time to Shake up Assumptions on γ-Secretase in Alzheimer Disease?
  15. Equimolar production of amyloid beta-protein and amyloid precursor protein intracellular domain from beta-carboxyl-terminal fragment by gamma-secretase.