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  1. Pericytes Don’t Go With the Flow—They Change It
  2. Dearth of Water Channels a Sign of ‘Glymphatic’ Breakdown in Alzheimer’s?
  3. LOAD of Data Place Vascular Malfunction as Earliest Event in Alzheimer’s
  4. Sleep and Brain Cleansing—Fresh Insights into Regulation and Disruption
  5. APOE Stabilization by Exercise Prevents Aging Neurovascular Dysfunction and Complement Induction.
  6. Barriers Between Blood and CSF, Brain Yield to Aβ—Not a Bad Thing?
  7. Barriers Between Blood and CSF, Brain Yield to Aβ—Not a Bad Thing?
  8. Could Neutrophils Be the Newest Players in Neurodegenerative Disease?
  9. New Role For PICALM: Flushing Aβ From the Brain
  10. BMI and risk of dementia in two million people over two decades: a retrospective cohort study.
  11. Aging-induced type I interferon response at the choroid plexus negatively affects brain function.
  12. A paravascular pathway facilitates CSF flow through the brain parenchyma and the clearance of interstitial solutes, including amyloid β.
  13. A multimodal RAGE-specific inhibitor reduces amyloid β-mediated brain disorder in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease.
  14. Human apoE isoforms differentially regulate brain amyloid-β peptide clearance.
  15. Scavenger receptor CD36 is essential for the cerebrovascular oxidative stress and neurovascular dysfunction induced by amyloid-beta.