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  1. Stimulation of the Retinoid X Receptor Facilitates Beta-Amyloid Clearance Across the Blood-Brain Barrier.
  2. Improved protocol for measurement of plasma β-amyloid in longitudinal evaluation of Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative study patients.
  3. Convection-Enhanced Delivery of Neprilysin: A Novel Amyloid-β-Degrading Therapeutic Strategy.
  4. The complement system: an unexpected role in synaptic pruning during development and disease.
  5. Aggregate Clearance of α-Synuclein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Depends More on Autophagosome and Vacuole Function Than on the Proteasome.
  6. Sensitive quantitative assays for tau and phospho-tau in transgenic mouse models.
  7. A network diffusion model of disease progression in dementia.
  8. Calpains are downstream effectors of bax-dependent excitotoxic apoptosis.
  9. AβPP Intracellular C-Terminal Domain Function is Related to its Degradation Processes.
  10. Complement component C3 and complement receptor type 3 contribute to the phagocytosis and clearance of fibrillar Aβ by microglia.
  11. Interaction of tau protein with model lipid membranes induces tau structural compaction and membrane disruption.
  12. 2012 Alzheimer's disease facts and figures.
  13. Low-density lipoprotein receptor represents an apolipoprotein E-independent pathway of Aβ uptake and degradation by astrocytes.
  14. Neutralization of soluble, synaptotoxic amyloid β species by antibodies is epitope specific.
  15. Propagation of tau pathology in a model of early Alzheimer's disease.