All Comments by Jürgen Götz

  1. Determination of protein and RNA expression levels of common housekeeping genes in a mouse model of neurodegeneration.
  2. Dopamine inhibits mitochondrial motility in hippocampal neurons.
  3. Amyloid precursor protein trafficking, processing, and function.
  4. Conditional loss of Dicer disrupts cellular and tissue morphogenesis in the cortex and hippocampus.
  5. Co-localization of tau and alpha-synuclein in the olfactory bulb in Alzheimer's disease with amygdala Lewy bodies.
  6. Decrease of protein phosphatase 2A and its association with accumulation and hyperphosphorylation of tau in Down syndrome.
  7. Adiposity, hyperinsulinemia, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease: an epidemiological perspective.
  8. Quality control of mitochondria: protection against neurodegeneration and ageing.
  9. Retinal tau pathology in human glaucomas.
  10. Sedimentation studies on human amylin fail to detect low-molecular-weight oligomers.
  11. The two faces of protein misfolding: gain- and loss-of-function in neurodegenerative diseases.
  12. Membrane-bound beta-amyloid oligomers are recruited into lipid rafts by a fyn-dependent mechanism.
  13. Alzheimer's disease: advances in trafficking.
  14. Inhibition of protein aggregation: supramolecular assemblies of arginine hold the key.
  15. Presenilin: running with scissors in the membrane.