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  1. LOAD of Data Place Vascular Malfunction as Earliest Event in Alzheimer’s
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  4. Smooth Muscle Cells, Not Pericytes, Control Brain Blood Flow
  5. Clinical predictors of severe cerebral amyloid angiopathy and influence of APOE genotype in persons with pathologically verified Alzheimer disease.
  6. Arterial stiffness and β-amyloid progression in nondemented elderly adults.
  7. The smallest stroke: occlusion of one penetrating vessel leads to infarction and a cognitive deficit.
  8. A paravascular pathway facilitates CSF flow through the brain parenchyma and the clearance of interstitial solutes, including amyloid β.
  9. ApoE4 Makes Blood Vessels Leak, Could Kick Off Brain Damage
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  11. Amyloid precursor protein mediates a tyrosine kinase-dependent activation response in endothelial cells.
  12. Soluble Aβ—Bane or Boon? Real-time Data in Humans Yield New Insight
  13. Immunotherapy reduces vascular amyloid-beta in PDAPP mice.
  14. Trial Troika—Immunotherapy Interrupted, Lipitor Lags, Dimebon Delivers
  15. Serum response factor and myocardin mediate arterial hypercontractility and cerebral blood flow dysregulation in Alzheimer's phenotype.