All Comments by Paul Coleman

  1. Changes in the structural complexity of the aged brain.
  2. Neuropathological findings processed by artificial neural networks (ANNs) can perfectly distinguish Alzheimer's patients from controls in the Nun Study.
  3. Gene expression analysis of frontotemporal lobar degeneration of the motor neuron disease type with ubiquitinated inclusions.
  4. Increase in core body temperature of Alzheimer's disease patients as a possible indicator of chronic neuroinflammation: a meta-analysis.
  5. Hippocampal neuron and glial cell numbers in Parkinson's disease--a stereological study.
  6. Apolipoprotein E isoform-dependent dendritic recovery of hippocampal neurons following activation of innate immunity.
  7. Selective vulnerability of different types of commissural neurons for amyloid beta-protein-induced neurodegeneration in APP23 mice correlates with dendritic tree morphology.
  8. How Now, Phospho-tau? Sparing Synapses, Messing with Microtubules
  9. Selective loss of synaptic proteins in Alzheimer's disease: evidence for an increased severity with APOE varepsilon4.
  10. Neuropathology of Alzheimer disease: pathognomonic but not pathogenic.
  11. Conversion of mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer disease predicted by hippocampal atrophy maps.
  12. Synaptic scaling mediated by glial TNF-alpha.
  13. Reversal of Alzheimer's-like pathology and behavior in human APP transgenic mice by mutation of Asp664.
  14. Region-specific dissociation of neuronal loss and neurofibrillary pathology in a mouse model of tauopathy.
  15. Neuropathology of Alzheimer disease: pathognomonic but not pathogenic.