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All Comments by Lary Walker

  1. Effect of infarcts on dementia in the Baltimore longitudinal study of aging.
  2. Exercise alters the immune profile in Tg2576 Alzheimer mice toward a response coincident with improved cognitive performance and decreased amyloid.
  3. Participation in dementia research: rates and correlates of capacity to give informed consent.
  4. A highly insoluble state of Abeta similar to that of Alzheimer's disease brain is found in Arctic APP transgenic mice.
  5. Alzheimer's disease (AD)-like pathology in aged monkeys after infantile exposure to environmental metal lead (Pb): evidence for a developmental origin and environmental link for AD.
  6. Visualization and classification of amyloid beta supramolecular assemblies.
  7. Persistence of contradicted claims in the literature.
  8. The Brain and Microglial Recruitment—Think Local, Not Global
  9. Alzforum and SWAN: the present and future of scientific web communities.
  10. Restoration of the striatal dopamine synthesis for Parkinson's disease: viral vector-mediated enzyme replacement strategy.
  11. Discovering DNA encodes heredity and prions are infectious proteins.
  12. How Does Excess Aβ Leave the Brain, How Does It Get In, And Can We Trap It Outside?
  13. Bone marrow-derived microglia play a critical role in restricting senile plaque formation in Alzheimer's disease.
  14. Escort Service: P-Glycoprotein Ushers Aβ from Brain
  15. Visualizing Success with MRI of Amyloid Plaques in Live Mice