All Comments by Hiroshi Mori

  1. Mutation screening in exons 3 and 4 of alpha-synuclein in sporadic Parkinson's and sporadic and familial dementia with Lewy bodies cases.
  2. The effect of estrogen replacement therapy on cognitive function in women: a critical review of the literature.
  3. Presenilin 1 intronic polymorphism is not associated with Alzheimer type neuropathological changes or sporadic Alzheimer's disease.
  4. A nucleated assembly mechanism of Alzheimer paired helical filaments.
  5. Co-localization of truncated tau and DNA fragmentation in Alzheimer's disease neurones.
  6. Common core structure of amyloid fibrils by synchrotron X-ray diffraction.
  7. Treatment outcome of tacrine therapy depends on apolipoprotein genotype and gender of the subjects with Alzheimer's disease.
  8. Suppression of A beta-induced monocyte neurotoxicity by antiinflammatory compounds.
  9. Association of alpha1-antichymotrypsin polymorphism with cerebral amyloid angiopathy.
  10. Neurogenic phenotypes and altered Notch processing in Drosophila Presenilin mutants.
  11. Inhibition of Alzheimer beta-fibrillogenesis by melatonin.
  12. Paired helical filament morphology varies with intracellular location in Alzheimer's disease brain.
  13. Modulation of nitric oxide production in human macrophages by apolipoprotein-E and amyloid-beta peptide.
  14. Apolipoprotein-E deficiency results in an altered stress responsiveness in addition to an impaired spatial memory in young mice.
  15. Cytochrome oxidase in Alzheimer's disease: biochemical, histochemical, and immunohistochemical analyses of the visual and other systems.