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  1. One Thumb Up on Dietary Fat, One Down on Vitamins, Two Down on Estrogen
  2. Rotterdam Study Questions Links between Fat and Dementia Risk
  3. Presenilin-1 regulates the neuronal threshold to excitotoxicity both physiologically and pathologically.
  4. The preclinical phase of alzheimer disease: A 22-year prospective study of the Framingham Cohort.
  5. Photoactivated gamma-secretase inhibitors directed to the active site covalently label presenilin 1.
  6. In vivo detection of amyloid plaques in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
  7. Low use of analgesics in Alzheimer's disease: possible mechanisms.
  8. beta-amyloid (Abeta)42(43), abeta42, abeta40 and apoE immunostaining of plaques in fatal head injury.
  9. Presenilin 1 is linked with gamma-secretase activity in the detergent solubilized state.
  10. Effect of anti-inflammatory medications on neuropathological findings in Alzheimer disease.
  11. Neuroprotective effects of estrogen against beta-amyloid toxicity are mediated by estrogen receptors in cultured neuronal cells.
  12. Nasal administration of amyloid-beta peptide decreases cerebral amyloid burden in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
  13. Receptor-dependent cell stress and amyloid accumulation in systemic amyloidosis.
  14. Inflammatory responses to amyloidosis in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
  15. Is smoking associated with the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease? Results from three Canadian data sets.