All Comments by Benjamin Wolozin

  1. NEDD8 protein is involved in ubiquitinated inclusion bodies.
  2. SUMO-Wrestling with APP?
  3. Rotterdam Study Questions Links between Fat and Dementia Risk
  4. Presenilins mediate a dual intramembranous gamma-secretase cleavage of Notch-1.
  5. Biochemical analysis of tau proteins in argyrophilic grain disease, Alzheimer's disease, and Pick's disease : a comparative study.
  6. Tau filament formation and associative memory deficit in aged mice expressing mutant (R406W) human tau.
  7. Function of beta-amyloid in cholesterol transport: a lead to neurotoxicity.
  8. Polymorphism in the cholesterol 24S-hydroxylase gene is associated with Alzheimer's disease.
  9. Regulation of APP-dependent transcription complexes by Mint/X11s: differential functions of Mint isoforms.
  10. An in vitro model of Parkinson's disease: linking mitochondrial impairment to altered alpha-synuclein metabolism and oxidative damage.
  11. Proteasome inhibition causes nigral degeneration with inclusion bodies in rats.
  12. Annular alpha-synuclein protofibrils are produced when spherical protofibrils are incubated in solution or bound to brain-derived membranes.
  13. Labeling of cerebral amyloid beta deposits in vivo using intranasal basic fibroblast growth factor and serum amyloid P component in mice.
  14. Dorfin ubiquitylates mutant SOD1 and prevents mutant SOD1-mediated neurotoxicity.
  15. Presenilins are not required for A beta 42 production in the early secretory pathway.