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  2. Atorvastatin, Vaccine Trial Data Published
  3. A Lucky Break for Gene Therapy: Designer Nuclease Boosts Repair
  4. Inactivation of liver X receptor beta leads to adult-onset motor neuron degeneration in male mice.
  5. Statins and AD—What Role Isoprenoids?
  6. Statins Boost α-Secretase, but Not Through Cholesterol
  7. Dopaminergic neurons generated from monkey embryonic stem cells function in a Parkinson primate model.
  8. Hsp70 gene transfer by adeno-associated virus inhibits MPTP-induced nigrostriatal degeneration in the mouse model of Parkinson disease.
  9. Genetic association of low density lipoprotein receptor and Alzheimer's disease.
  10. The apoE receptor apoER2 is involved in the maintenance of efficient synaptic plasticity.
  11. Obesity-related leptin regulates Alzheimer's Abeta.
  12. Plasma levels of beta-amyloid(1-40), beta-amyloid(1-42), and total beta-amyloid remain unaffected in adult patients with hypercholesterolemia after treatment with statins.
  13. Fats, Aβ, Oxidative Stress: Feeding Forward and Backward, Killing Neurons?
  14. Dopamine-dependent neurodegeneration in rats induced by viral vector-mediated overexpression of the parkin target protein, CDCrel-1.
  15. Polyglutamine Disease Therapy—Bypass the Glutamine?