All Comments by Benjamin Wolozin

  1. Determinants of 4-repeat tau expression. Coordination between enhancing and inhibitory splicing sequences for exon 10 inclusion.
  2. Tau-66: evidence for a novel tau conformation in Alzheimer's disease.
  3. ASP1 (BACE2) cleaves the amyloid precursor protein at the beta-secretase site.
  4. Angiotensin-converting enzyme degrades Alzheimer amyloid beta-peptide (A beta ); retards A beta aggregation, deposition, fibril formation; and inhibits cytotoxicity.
  5. The C-terminal fragment of the Alzheimer's disease amyloid protein precursor is degraded by a proteasome-dependent mechanism distinct from gamma-secretase.
  6. Endogenous beta-amyloid production in presenilin-deficient embryonic mouse fibroblasts.
  7. Distinctive neuropathology revealed by alpha-synuclein antibodies in hereditary parkinsonism and dementia linked to chromosome 4p.
  8. Statins and the risk of dementia.
  9. Microglial activation and beta -amyloid deposit reduction caused by a nitric oxide-releasing nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug in amyloid precursor protein plus presenilin-1 transgenic mice.
  10. Low cholesterol stimulates the nonamyloidogenic pathway by its effect on the alpha -secretase ADAM 10.
  11. Cholesterol Again Linked with Alzheimer's
  12. Suspects for Aβ Generation Spotted Together, En Route to Nerve Terminal
  13. Aβ Abets α-Synuclein